Friday, July 5, 2013

CHINA TV News broadcast of my studies with Dr. Zhao + Dancing on TV!! :-)

Greetings Friends!!

Some of you have seen this video, but for those of you who haven't, it's super entertaining!! :) Somehow during my studies with Dr. Zhao, the TV news media got word of me being there and found it newsworthy (for 1/2 hour of evening news, that is!!) that I should choose to come all the way to Zhengzhou, China and study with Dr. Zhao. They also found every little bit of my daily life fascinating....including my daily habit and joy of dancing in my room! Haha!! (See ~ min 7 for the dancing!) 

My friend Greg helped me dub my own voice over the newscast so I am translating the whole thing into English...and I finally got it uploaded to youtube and am super excited to share it with you! Yay!

And I also included the pic of that the great hair dresser I saw in my last days in Beijing, A Dong, took with me. He's the one who just LOVED playing with my hair and fluffing it this way and that, long after my hair cut was complete! Apparently after he cut my hair, he sent this photo to my friend, Anna, who had forwarded it to me :). Here's the link to my blog entry where I tell the whole story:

I'm happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest (got back just in time for a sunny Summer Solstice celebration! :)) Thanks again for all your love and support and more love I felt from you while on this 9-month journey. :)

Much Love and Happy Summer to you all!!

Karen aka Kailun 凯伦

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