Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leaving In 3 Hours for Beijing

Mar 6, 2010 at 2:26 AM

Greetings Friends!
I'm in SFO now about to get on a plane to China. I'll be in Zhengzhou for about 2 months (about 1 hour away from Shaolin Monastery in Henan Province) to study acuppressure with Dr. Zhao Fuxue in his family clinic.
Some of you know that I was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Zhao last summer in Seattle and it ended up being such a life-enriching, and transformative experience. My qigong teacher, Grandmaster Mingtang Xu, had invited Dr. Zhao to come here from China to teach at our annual retreat and offer private consultations to help support our ZY Qigong non-profit organization. Mingtang asked me to be his interpreter and....voila! I found myself working and being with Dr. Zhao each day for a good portion of the summer - interpreting for him at lectures, meetings, with clients during his treatments, and just helping him adjust to American life, and enjoying so much of his delicious Chinese cooking (he was staying just around the block from me and would often cook such delicious food and call me to come over and join him for lunch or dinner!) We quickly became like family and he has become a dear dear friend and beloved teacher - I learned so much both of Chinese medicine and also so much on how to live my own powerful, loving and fulfilling Life. He is a man of great integrity and love - always giving his very best to his clients and each person he comes in contact with. To have the opportunity to help others communicate with him and facilitate a most transformative encounter, dialogue and friendship with many people was such a great gift.
He has invited me to come to his clinic these next 2 months to continue studying with him, and then he plans to come back to Seattle shortly after I return to offer more consultations.
Last summer I put together a photo album (< link) of our time with him and for some reason only 1/2 of the photos remain.:( In any case, you'll see from the 1st half of the album what a warm, humble, wise and generous man he is. :)

He has told and taught me many things, and one thing I'll like to share is his reminder of "Wu Dao" -- "wu" is the Chinese word for enlightenment. "Dao" is the Chinese character for 'the way,' 'the path'. "These 2 characters, Karen" he said, "are a reminder to always, always follow your own true path. We all have teachers and guides who help us...AND in the end we must always follow our own heart and wisdom, our own Truth."

He is his own example. I'm excited for you all to meet him later this spring when I'm back and our ZY Qigong organization hosts his return.
I LOVE you all very very much and will be sending much Joy to you while I'm in China. Thank you for your love and support!!!
Much Great LOVE and JOY,

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